Dance Classes

Classes include hip-hop, commercial, heels, contemporary for ANYONE of ALL AGES with the most welcoming, supportive, and family felt group you’ll ever meet. Beckie is a qualified, WORLD accredited, dance teacher who ensures everyone is equal and ready to grow together at THE ARMY DC.

Performances & Bookings

Book the entire company, the crew, or individual dancers to perform at events, dance in music videos, model clothing, choreograph for specific performances or teach in your area! There’s not much we DON’T do so pop us an email and we’ll put pen to paper!

Creative Film/Events Agency

Whatever your brand, your vision, your purpose…. From filming to editing, video shoots to still images, location shoots to events, adverts of ANY KIND to professional dance videos, THE ARMY DC provides the director, videographer, content editor and cast with a 24 hour turn around to bring your vision to life.

Class Testimonials

…more than just a dance company…

1. Come to class for YOU

For the beginner, the office worker, the pro. Come to classes to have a BLAST and feel 10x better when you leave than when you first walked in!

2. Professional Filming

The opportunity to professionally film every single choreography taught and mastered in our membership classes! We shoot, we edit, we post on YouTube and you get to watch yourself grow and share as much as you like at no extra cost!

3. Invite-Only Pro Training/Competition Team

Audition to take part in hardcore training with the best. “Invite-only training” includes just 15 members who want to push their dance career to the next level, train multiple hours on a more 1-1 basis with the opportunity to perform, shoot and more whilst representing THE ARMY DC. We also have a competition team of 10 members who compete around the UK. 

4. Showcase

Take part in our annual showcase! Every winter THE ARMY DC put on a show to friends, family and the public. A way to push yourself, be proud of your growth, work as a team and show the world what you’re all about, LIVE with the team!

5. Agency

Individuals who wish to take on dance as a career are selected for jobs such as music videos, company performances, modelling, club performances and more. We build their profiles, their social media presence, their portfolio and more.

6. Teach for us!

The top of the top! It is a dream to be able to have so many amazing students to feel like they want to showcase their talent, their choreography skills, their  teaching ability and we’re proud to guide them with exactly that. Our teachers are the best of the best when it comes to caring about YOU as PEOPLE, not numbers.

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