We have been working super hard on The Army DC merchandise and are so excited to announce the launch of season 2 merch!

Just in time for spring, we have dropped a black camo tee, our black stand out signature hoodie and olive and black caps. Each item of clothing is ideal both in and out of the dance studio.


Price: £35 

Size: S,M,L 

Our black signature stand out hoodie is suuuper comfy and will definitely keep you warm on a colder day! The over-sized jumpers are extremely soft and include the logo on the front in an olive print. There is also a discrete quote on the back, ‘WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE ARMY DC?’, which adds a more unique and characteristic feel to the hoodie, and makes it that little bit more extraaa.


Price: £25

Size: XS,S,M,L

Our Black camo reflective tee’s are perfect for dancing and general wear, especially in summer! The large logo on the front is subtle in daylight, but shines into a eye-catching white whenever there’s a camera flash on it or if its in a bright light. The oversized tee’s are a great fashion statement and are ideal for dance performances! If you are looking for something to wear in the gym or when you are dancing, and a tee that stops sweat showing. The mesh feel with small holes helps you disguise the sweat and look as fresh as when you first walked in!



Prices: £20 1 cap, £35 for 2 caps

Colours Available: Black, Olive

Our caps are suitable both on and off the dance floor. Small holes on the back of the caps to keep airflow when dancing. The classic simplistic look keeps them stylish and classy, yet ‘street’ and comfortable and ideal for everyday wear, especially in the summer!


Grab merch whilst it’s still in stock! Click on the shop link here to see what we have available to order.

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