Top 3 Summer Body Meals Out

I LOVE food.

Going out for meals with my friends is my thing… its a weekly/bi-weekly/multi-times-weekly occurance (sorry not sorry!). Anyone who knows me knows I have the worlds biggest appetite, so believe it or not I totallyyyy get the struggle when it comes to trying to enjoy life but still live that summer body lifestyle. Mind torn between dessert and abs? Girl this is an every day STRUGGLE of mine haha. Apple crumble… *sigh*.

But, there are actually so many alternatives when eating out, which will help you to maintain your healthy life style, get that dream body you think about daily and keep you full and satisfied so you won’t be as tempted by dessert (like me).

So, here is a list of 3 places I eat out and what I’d choose on the menu (UK):

1) ZiZi’s 

Super Zucca Salad (With or Without Chicken!)


Skinny Pizza (different toppings to choose from)

You know when you’re trying to be ‘good’ but reaaaally fancy a pizza, this is the one! This is my go to option, topped with goats cheese (my fave), and roasted veggies with a wholemeal base and it is amazing! It’s 521 calories, whilst the other pizza’s on the menu shoot up to over 1000 calories. All the flavour you’re craving, just half the calories! Sorted.

2) Nandos 

Mediterranean Salad With Chicken

Everyone loves Nandos. And although this doesn’t sound great, I never regret my choice once I order it.Trust me, every time I go to Nandos, all I can think of is creamy mash, garlic bread and spicy rice but get over the ordering part and I promise you, you won’t regret this decision! Save the carbs, the calories, the high fats and maintain your fit physique with a Nandos whenever you like!

Do you still want to be able to socialise and go out with your friends AND stay on track but have tried all of these meals? Don’t stress! We have a whole hub of nutritional advice and recipes available with all of my go to’s. So don’t feel restricted if you get a little bored of the above.

3. Pizza Express

Leggera Pizza (3 different topping options). I could eat this every. single. day.

Just like Zizzi’s skinny pizza, this under 500 calorie alternative keeps me going for hours and hours, whilst getting the satisfaction and taste and the CRUNCH from thin crust Italian style pizzas, the Leggera has a whole in the middle filled with goodness (leafy greens), without the boring feeling of eating a not so naughty salad!

It makes me feel just as sociable, just as satisfied, not over-the-top full, I don’t feel like my trousers are going to pop open and I NEVER get bored of it! Oh and it’s low calorie! What more could you want?!

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