Your 3 Favourite Coffee Shops With My Go To Healthy Meals

With my day-to day life and job being so on the go, I’m always here, there and everywhere, and a lot of the time spend my life working in coffee shops on the road. I completely understand how hard it is when you’re not prepared and on the go, to try and resist the temptation of all the muffins and cheese toasties that the coffee shops have on display as soon as you walk in, trust me, I knowww the feeling. Tea cakes are a guilty pleasure of mine (daily at one point… terrible I know).

So here’s something I have put together with my TOP 3 go-to coffee shop naughty-not-naughties that actually taste like 1000 calories but are no more than 250max:


Teriyaki Salmon Sushi Salad

I LOVE PRET! One of my favourite meals to have, which will fill you up until dinner, is the teriyaki salmo sushi salad. This contains Roasted Salmon, Edamame beans, Wakame Salad, Pickled Cabbage & Carrot Salad, Mixed Rice, Sesame Seeds and a Teriyaki Sauce. Don’t knock it til you try it! Source of high fat (good fat) protein containing Omega-3s, full of goodness and grains to slow your digestion in order to stay fuller for longer and satisfy you for hours.

AND MY FAVE COFFEE OF ALL TIME = Coco-latte. Simply Amazing. The cheapest. But so damn good.


Zesty Chicken & Black Bean Salad Bowl

The chicken and black bean salad bowl is a great healthy alternative at Starbucks. The salad bowl contains grilled chicken, black beans, roasted corn, jicama, tomatoes, feta, spring greens and quinoa and a side of mild chilli vinaigrette.  Yuuuuum. It just sounds like health in a bowl right? That’s because it is. But it tastes better than my homemade thrown-together veg and protein ever does! Super super tasty.

AND MY FAVOURITE COFFEE IN THE SUMMER GOES TO STARBUCKS! **deep breath** = Sugar free caramel, almond milk, light coffee base, frappuccino with no cream, no sauce. Please and thank you! ALL the flavour. Less than 200kcal!


Chicken with coconut and lime gluten free wrap

I am in costa coffee A LOT! So you can imagine I am always tempted by the muffins and the toasties, who isn’t right? So, a healthier option to go for at costa is the Chicken with Coconut & Lime Gluten Free Wrap! Naturally, wraps are lighter and filled with lots of fresh vegetables or salad so this will help to increase your intake of fibre and nutrients. Plus, this option had a light and fragrant herb dressing rather than a heavy mayonnaise.

AND FINALLY MY FAVOURITE COFFEE IN THE WINTER GOES TO COSTA COFFEE! = Coconut latte with sugar free caramel syrup. Unreal.

So as you can see I have a sweet tooth and am all about the flavour. Yes you might feel like you’re getting a funny look when ordering the worlds longest drink description at Starbucks but I promise you it is SO worth it!

Beckie x

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