How To Choose A Dance Company

You might want to dance professionally, as a hobby, to improve your fitness or just to make friends. Don’t get me wrong, there are hundreds of companies to choose from, but it really does depend on what dancing means to YOU as an individual.

Are you dancing as a hobby to help you escape from the real world or are you taking it seriously? There are so many routes you can take.

For me this whole thing started because of the way I’d see my friends in the dance industry enter it as a bubbly, fit, confident soldier, and leave disheartened, unhealthy with zero self belief… Why? Because *some* colleges will box you into a cage and mould you in to someone else, they’ll put you in competition with other dancers and tell you to go against each other, and make you feel so small. Some teachers will tell you that your not good enough again and again, to ‘prepare’ you for colleges – I personally think this is all completely wrong.

The Army DC (Dance Company) is one massive family who socialise and spend every weekend together because they genuinely love each other. There are opportunities from fitness, fun, hair-flicking beginner classes, to intense Pro Team training (our top performance team) which is continuous hard training until you can be the best you can possibly be.

Finding a dance company where the students have genuine support for each other is hard these days. Really hard. Having a teacher who cares about your progress, who you can talk to about anything, who you share your best moments with , not to mention changes in mindset (my other profession), confidence and fitness (me being a personal trainer too!) and who trains you so incredibly hard because I actually want what is best for you is unheard of.

The Army DC is allll about story telling, it’s about letting go, forgetting whatever stresses you have, whether it’s work stress or personal, for that hour/hour and a half, you can express yourself how YOU want too, and add your own spin on the routine and tell YOUR story! This is another thing to think about when picking a company, the style of dance that you want to do, and how this will help you not only as a dancer, but as a person too.

Personally, to me… you are your own proximity. Is feeling inspired by the people around you week after after week for personal reasons or for their dancing important to you? Because it’s 100% important to me at The Army DC! Supporting and encouraging every single dancer in the room is so important to me, and my goodness, the positivity and the vibe in the room in every class is indescribable. We really are lucky with how special this group of people are.

Who cares if you have been dancing since you were 3 years old or started 3 days ago? Are you someone who can only let loose on a night out? It doesn’t matter and shouldn’t matter.

If your looking to join a family, have the best time, something to look forward to daily and you want to be pushed to improve week after week with a teacher who actually wants what is best for you and cares for you, then The Army DC is for you.

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