The only good thing about Winter and Dance!

The only good thing about Winter and Dance!

Winter is the worsttt time of year for most things. It’s cold, wet and your motivation is at 0.

BUTTT.. and there is a but.. believe it or not, there are some perks of winter when it comes to Dance. Fashion being one of them! Let me just mention another perk of winter real quick..not having to have that stupid giant air con robot machine blasting out air in the studio SOO LOUD that you can’t even hear the music, THE ARMY DC family will know exactly what I’m going on about hahaha..anyway back to the point.

I LIVE for trackies at dance, so whenever it is cold enough I always stick on my favourite pair of trackies. They are so so comfy! You basically feel like your wearing pyjamas, it’s fantastic. And they look FIRE (ya just can’t get away with these in the summer). There are hundreds of tracksuit bottoms out their to choose from, stick on a pair of wild colours, some baggy, some fitted, know what I’m sayinnnn and you’ll be *FEELING* yourself ready to smash out a hip hop routine with the extra layers!

Hoodies are another YES for winter and dance! I actually prefer to dance in long sleeves. I prefer the way it makes my angles look and I like the feel when I’m dancing having a baggier layer. I own so many hoodies, but I absolutely love my black Adidas number. I am obsessed with wearing it during the winter (and summer if I could). It is honestly the comfiest and warmest hoodie I own! You have the crop hoodies, zip hoodies, there are all sorts of styles that you can cop for the colder dance months! Oversized everything is my favourite and of course in the winter, we get to keep on our fire outfits all through class without being sweaty hot messes!

Winter dance clothing is definitely my favourite part of the colder it’s not all bad I guess 😉

Have a look at some of my favourite winter looks below, ideal for inside and outside of the studio, click on the image to buy yours:




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