Why THE ARMY DC has changed my life…

Why THE ARMY DC has changed my life…

Zoe here! Also known as Beckie’s right hand, nutty PA who is by her side 24/7 prancing about in her IG stories LOL!

I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself and to let you know that if you are sat on the fence and unsure about whether to come to classes or not, believe it or not, I know EXACTLY how you are feeling. That was me just over a year ago…

It took me 3 months to finally pluck up the courage to attend one of Beckie’s classes. I would be sat at home, watching all the dance videos wishing my anxiety would just go away and wishing I had enough confidence to just go! But my thoughts took over and it literally got to the point that I would get ready for dance, be ready to leave the house, and then I would turn around and go sit back on my sofa, watch a whole Netflix series and just eat junk food because I was so scared!

After a couple of messages with Beckie back and forth and amazing reassurance from her that it wasn’t like your usual dance class and that I would be absolutely fine, I FINALLY turned up to my first dance class.

It has changed my life.

I was sat in a boring sales job, in an office with no windows for 12 hours a day, before I went to Beckie’s class. Meeting Beckie and going to her classes gave me a whole different perspective on life. I finally realised that it’s ok to be selfish, it’s ok to leave my job if I’m unhappy, and it’s ok to do something for ME!!

I have gained SO MUCH from THE ARMY DC, I could probably write a list the same size as a book with how much I have learnt and gained from it lol. I wouldn’t have anything that I have now if it wasn’t for attending that 1 heels class back in September 2017.


– Skyrocketed my confidence!

– Given me a new career as Beckie’s full-time Personal assistant

– Given me a safe environment where I can be my crazy self and not get judged

– Given me a second family

– Saved me from an unhealthy lifestyle

– Changed my whole perspective on life

– Saved my life when I was at my lowest

So, if you are unsure about attending because of your anxious thoughts or worried you are ‘not good enough’, and you feel like you are completely on your own, let me assure you that we have all been in the position that you are in now, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We’ve got you!

I hope this helps you to remember that you are not on your own.

We really look forward to meeting you.

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