March  Member Of The Month

March Member Of The Month

March Member Of The Month

As soon as she realised that she dances purely for FUN and for herself, everything changed.

When she joined us, this member had very little confidence in her own ability, she would get super frustrated if she got even 1 foot wrong during choreography, which resulted in her switching off and struggling to stay in it, and she was always putting WAY to much pressure on herself.

Not anymore.

After being a member for about 6 months, she wanted to do everything she could to improve and grow, so she applied for invite only. She then opened up to me about sooo many things in our 1-1 coffee meetings (NOTHING to do with dance btw) and she just completely let go. Let me just say, having the confidence to face her fears and actually talk about how she was feeling was inspiring as hell.

She has absolutely blown me and everyone else away with her growth in classes. She is literally a different person now, it’s mind-blowing.

When you watch her perform, you cannot stop staring at her, purely because of the way she is looking at the camera, its the EYES!! She ownsss it with her ora. She’s an easy watch, calming, refreshing and raw. Seriously wow. She slayss it every single time she performs. It’s everything!!

Her musicality is amazing now compared to just a couple of months ago! She just listens to everything that I have told her to do, and it shows. Her freestyle has improved massively too, she is always doing different things and changing up her freestyle and she isn’t afraid to stay on the floor. This is purely from actually listening, trusting herself and taking note. Everything I have told her to do, she has taken on board, banked it and applied it.

She hasn’t had the easiest month or so, with some health problems that could have stopped her – you wouldn’t even know! She could have easily sat out of class, not given 100%, etc. But, if anything, all these barriers that she has had to deal with or that should have got in the way of her dancing, has made her even more hungry and motivated than ever. Amazing.

Tara – You are an inspiration to us all. You are incredibly positive all the time, not to mention one of the loveliest people I have ever met. It’s so refreshing having you in THE ARMY DC. You are fearless. The change that you have had in the last month has been incredible. I don’t think you even understand yourself how much you have changed. You are a pleasure to teach and we are so so excited to have you as our ARMY DC TEAM CAPTAIN. You are going to killl it. We all love you loads!

Tara then: I’m crazy tired, more to think with about than in the last week than ever before and absolutely no me chill time whatsoever.

Tara now: When I dance now, I tell the stories I want – so I don’t need to be the loudest or craziest because suddenly I have the opportunity to say everything while saying nothing. I can be sassy when I want, emotional when I want and sarcastic when I want and it’s just me being me.

You don’t have to pretend to be someone your not, your presence is everything from just being YOU. You honestly have one of the biggest impacts on everyone when you perform. Keep slaying it girlllll <3


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