April Member Of The Month

April Member Of The Month

April Member Of The Month

I don’t even think she realises how much she has grown.

This member comes skipping into classes every week with a new funny story to tell us! These past couple of weeks, she has really come into her own. Within 1 class it was like something clicked, and we got to know the real (hilarious) her and we wouldn’t change anything about her for the world!

The other day, this member told us that she went on a night out, completely sober… her friends all went home but she was having absolutely none of it…that’s my girl! She was too busy living her best life prancing about BY HERSELF because she said she just LOVES TO DANCE, with absolutely no need for any alcohol, in the club till 3am, made some new friends on the dance floor and carried on living her best life! YES!

How amazing is that?! That’s GROWTH right there.

Her dancing has improved massively. She’s finally learnt to understand that it doesn’t have to be perfect all the time and to just relax more which has been the catalyst to creating her own style and feel on our choreography – the kind of dancer you just LOVE watching. Her dancing is so graceful (get it) and effortless. This girl is honest, raw, caring and fearless. She’s just not afraid to open up and talk to us about her stories and what the different tracks in class mean to her personally. She’s opened up about events in her life and things that have happened to her, which 99% of people wouldn’t have the guts to do. She has just learnt to completely let go in class – and she is flying!

She never ever gives up. If she’s struggling a little or doesn’t quite understand the choreo first time round, she will keep going and going until she has it. She was selected and recognised by both the external teachers in classes (when they had never ever met her before!), after making both the routines her own, listening and absorbing everything the teachers had to say, performed for herself, and had absolutely no idea that she KILLED it!

I’ll never forget the moment we were all inspired by her… she told us she liked to sing and literally started singing in front of the whole class with no music on, no rehearsing, she just went for it off her own back…fearless.

It blew me away.

She has so much focus in classes now, like a human sponge. Every single bit of advice I give her, she takes it and applies it. This member is one of the cleanest dancers we have, her lines are near perfect every time, and her pick up of choreography has improved so much! She is so supportive of everyone else in class all the time, and you can see from the massive smile that she always has on her face 24/7, that she absolutely adores everyone and that she’s just having the time of her life every week!

Grace – Thank you for showing us the real you. Thank you for being hilarious and telling us your funny stories in your puffa jacket which is the same size as you! Lol! You are HILARIOUS, talented, inspiring, strong, lovely and FEARLESS. Thank you for trusting us and for opening up to us. We all LOVE having you in the family. Please don’t ever change and keep on killing it. Your growth is amazing.

Grace now – ‘When we first met, you made me feel strong and confident when I was at rock bottom and now you have created a community of men and women who I adore. I was showing my sister my videos from Sunday and had to pinch myself with how lucky I am to be a part of this.’

You are a beam of light in THE ARMY DC, and classes wouldn’t be the same without you. We love you!


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