May Member Of The Month

May Member Of The Month

May Member Of The Month

I still remember her breaking down and crying in the middle of her first class with us last year. It baffles me now to think that she had absolutely no self-worth at all, she didn’t believe in herself and she just didn’t think she could do it. She’s a completely different person now. It’s MIND BLOWING!

She’s a completely different person now. It’s MIND BLOWING AND IM SO GODDAMN PROUD.
Her attitude has completely flipped within the last couple of months especially! She sees the positives in every situation and isn’t scared to push herself out of her comfort zone. When she knows its time to face the lights, she’s on it before anyone. When it’s time to show us what she’s made of, she steps up and beyond every single time.
Before, she would just give up if she couldn’t do something and she would spend most of the class putting herself down and saying ‘i can’t’ without even trying. Now after many classes and many 1-1 coffee meetings, we’ve turned that mindset around, put her on an “I can’t” BAN that she can take (and has taken) with her for life. She has learnt to face obstacles as challenges, and she works her butt off in and out of classes to be the best she can be. She has completely blossomed into a positive bean, and it’s sooooo refreshing how much more open-minded she is now. She used to just shut off if she didn’t like a particular style of if she couldn’t pick up the choreo, not anymore! It’s amazing how much she has transformed.
This member is so passionate about performing and you can tell how much she wants it! Whenever we have coffee meetings or workshops or extra classes, she is ALWAYS the first to book in a slot. With this attitude and motivation, I have absolutely no doubt that she is going to KILL it in the industry. Her commitment is indescribable and doesn’t go unnoticed. This girl travels from Oxford every single week to take our ALL of classes, she probably travels the furthest than anyone else in our classes, and she’s never missed one by choice EVER. There are absolutely no excuses with her. Every class, she’s there, without fail, at the front, ready to grow some more.
She has such a huge presence when she performs, and she doesn’t even realise this herself! Every time she dances, it’s completely effortless and you can’t help but watch her! Her grooves are insane and her performance and facials have improved massively. She makes every single routine her own, whilst being so so easy to watch.
And lastly, let’s talk about freestyle – the largest and most rewarding obstacle this person has overcome. She never ever used to freestyle before to the point there were panics and tears before running off the floor and not even try. Now, it’s a completely different story. She has learnt not to give a sh*t about what everyone else thinks, and she just goes for it for HERself. She doesn’t hold back at all. She really has come into her own recently, showing us who she is and what she’s all about and that is truly inspirational.

Taya – You are SHINING girl. I am so so proud of how much you have grown and how far you have come since you started with us. You are a pleasure to have in THE ARMY DC, and I have loved getting to know the REAL Taya.

You are an absolute gem and you are honestly one of the loveliest people I have met.

Keep killing it girl. 
We love you!


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