Why Positive Recognition Is SO Important

Why Positive Recognition Is SO Important

Why positive recognition is SO important

If someone is valued, appreciated and recognised, they are naturally going to work twice as hard! Why would you want to get better if someone is putting you down again and again? It just doesn’t work like that.

I don’t know why teachers or colleges think that degrading there students will make them into better dancers. All it’s going to do is cause long term confidence and self-esteem problems, which might take years for them to overcome. It’s just not on! Where is all the positivity nowadays?!

We are ALL about positivity and making sure every single person leaves our classes feeling the most powerful, sassy version of themselves ever! But, sometimes people forget to tell people they are smashing it…yes you might think it, but what use is that?! Ya gotta let them know people!!

So, what can positive recognition in dance do to someone?

  • Keep them motivated
    If someone is recognised for doing a good job or smashing it in classes, naturally they will want to work harder, so they’ll end up improving even more! Simple!
  • Stops someone from giving up
    Someone might have 0 confidence in classes because they don’t feel good enough, so that one comment can go a long way and may help you to
  • Gives them that boost that they might need more than you think
    It makes them feel good and gives them that confidence boost that they need. Everyone needs a compliment and a boost now and then. You never know what people are going through behind closed doors. So that little comment you make can go a long way!
  • It makes YOU feel good to!
    Complimenting others and making them feel good naturally makes you feel good. I don’t know about you but I absolutely love making people smile and feel good!

    Next time you see someone killing it in our classes, don’t just keep it to yourself, MY GOODNESS PLEASE TELL THEM! It takes 2 seconds to compliment someone or let them know that they’ve impressed you. So it’s time to speak up in classes and make someone’s day!

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