July Member Of The Month

July Member Of The Month

This member is everything!

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this member. Dancing, commitment and attitude is perfect. She has it ALL!

When she started classes, she never said a word. She was reserved, quiet and kept herself to herself. Little did we know, in every single class, she stayed quiet because she was plotting her plan on PURPOSE, all so that she didn’t miss out on ANY teaching points, could remain fully focused, could listen to every single bit of advice I gave her and BANK IT ALL in that tiny but extremely talented body of hers, and so she could make the most out of every class she came to. My goodness, its paid off.

From day 1, she’s been killing it. Being the loudest person in the room has never and will never matter to her (or any of us for the matter). If anything, this has helped her to grow and grow to get to where she is now, and now the smallest person in the room (sorry Macey we love you really) with the BIGGEST energy and performance I’ve ever seen, outshining the entire class… every single flipping time.

She didn’t need to open her mouth to be noticed. Her dancing says it all, her commitment says more and her growth is undeniable.

She has really come into her own this past month, giving advice and opinions in classes, asks questions and has absolutely blossomed in dancing and in general. She’s no longer afraid to have a voice, and if anything, this has just made her EVEN BETTER than she was before. HOW?! I literally point her out every single week, without fail because as well as giving me and all of the other ADC teachers 110%, your raw talent combined by your positive, open-minded and driven personality has allowed you to be INCREDIBLE and I cannot fault you.

She is literally a sponge in every sense of the word. Listening to every teeny tiny bit of advice I give the class, takes it on board and applies it instantly. The crazy thing is, she actually has no idea how bloody great she is. I can give her ANY STYLE, and she will just kill it. Time and time again, from hip hop to heels, she just GETS IT and is one of the most versatile dancers I’ve ever come across.

Macey, you are a dream to have in invite-only, we see you working your a** off every single week, you come to class ready and HUNGRY as ever, and you always bring no less than your best to the table. Let me tell you now girl, the hard work you are putting in every week is PAYING OFF.

One of my favourite things about you is the fact you don’t seek approval. You don’t try to get attention from your invite only teammates, your teachers or any of the other students. It’s so clear and obvious that you do this entirely for you and no one else and this is a BLESSING for THE ARMY DC. If we don’t get the chance to chat every week, it doesn’t seem to matter, because you are absolutely smashing it every single week, and have been for MONTHS. I havent heard you moan or complain about anything ONCE since you started and when I tell you that every single week I am drawn to your performance in class instantly, I mean it. So much power! 

By far, one of the most consistent members that we have at THE ARMY DC, and we can always rely on you smashing it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

Macey – You are a star. You blow us away time and time again, and your energy when you dance is amazing. You are flawless at every style and absolutely smash every routine out the park every time. You are a pleasure to teach and we appreciate you and your positive energy so much. 

Keep doing your thing – it’s working! We love you! 


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