Taking The ‘London Stigma’ Away From Dance…

Taking The ‘London Stigma’ Away From Dance…

Do you leave some London classes feeling like sh*t and completely demotivated?
Are you at college in London, and you have lost your love for it because you’re constantly getting put down?
Do you just want to DANCE without feeling like your treading on eggshells 24/7 at college or in classes?


We have decided to bring THE ARMY DC bubble to London every Wednesday night STARTING SEPTEMBER, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! We will be putting on classes for ALL ABILITIES, aimed at people who just want to have a good time and share the positivity and love through dancing! No competition, no bitchiness, just pure love and support. <3

It’s time to put YOURSELF first, take a step back and actually do something for you.

Our London classes are NOT aimed at those who are ‘the best’ in the room. These classes are aimed at those who want to use this platform in order to improve their growth as dancers, people and performers. From confidence to mindset, to self-love to the most fun you’ve EVER had, to the best family you’ll EVER vibe with. We will be putting on dance classes for the love and enjoyment that dance SHOULD bring you, instead of the stress and negativity that you may be feeling right now.

Our goal is to create a SAFE SPACE for ANYONE AND EVERYONE to come to classes every Wednesday night, because they KNOW it’s going to make them feel good, give them that weekly boost, feel more ready and motivated than ever to smash the rest of the week, burn some calories whilst having the time of our lives, and NOT FEEL JUDGED.

What do we want?
We want you to be BUZZING for class each week, NOT petrified. We want you to get to know the name of every single person in the room, just like they will all know yours. We want you to know that this is your second home, a second family and a space in which you can BE YOURSELF. It’s all about letting go, letting your personality shine, leaving your sh*t at the door and owning it. THAT IS MY GOAL FOR LONDON.

Do you want more class information?
Drop us an email to admin@thearmydc.com if you want to jump into classes. We can’t wait to meet you!


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