Introducing Ryan Gibson

Introducing Ryan Gibson



What’s your favourite song to dance to right now?

How long have you danced for?
I’ve been dancing for around 5 years now, but been performing for 15 years.

How did you get into dance?
I got into dance through watching musicals from a young age and then watching my idols as I grew up. Being able to see them perform just made me wanna be part of that, have fun and be myself whether it was on stage, tv or even just a studio, those moments to me growing up watching that were always so inspiring and special

What is your favourite style of dance and why?
My favourite style of dance is Commercial and Heels! I feel they both allow you to express yourself fully and perform through your whole routine telling a story with every moment as well as every lyric and beat of any song

What do you enjoy most about dance?
The thing I enjoy most about dance is being able to tell your story through every movement. Whether your learning someone’s else choreography or creating your own, you can always put your own twist on it and make it relatable to yourself. Being able to think about who your performing the choreography too and where you can picture yourself in the moment. To me I find that very special because you can just shut everything out in the world and really dive into the emotions of any song or routine.

What big name dancers inspire you the most and why?
Without a doubt Parris Goebel, the owner of ‘The Royal Family’ from New Zealand! Her work ethic and creativity sparks so much inspiration in me. Her mind and ideas are honestly insane and she truly works harder then a lot of others in the industry. Creating brand new fresh ideas every time, she never fails to inspire me! Another inspiration for me is Kiel Tutin! One of the number one reasons why I wanted to dance in the first place was seeing him on YouTube at the HHI dance competition in 2015, being able to watch a male dancer perform as themselves, to me that was so inspiring and in a way broke down so many barriers that I had about worrying that I couldn’t dance as myself and had to dance like every other Male…. NO! You should always dance expressing every part of your body whether you wanna make something more feminine or masculine, stay true to how you’re feeling!

What are you most excited about with THE ARMY DC?
I am honestly so excited just to see the growth within The Army DC! Being able to watch everyone find themselves and truly stay true to there individuality as a person is so inspiring and amazing to watch! I cannot wait for me to carry on growing personally and finally get to showcase what I can bring to the team through my choreography and idea for performance. I know this year is going to be a special year for us all!

What can our dancers expect from your classes?
My classes are for dancers who are wanting to either start from the very beginning or remind themselves of why they started dancing in the first place! My classes will be focused on the performing through dance as a whole, showing you guys that it’s not just about getting every move right, it’s about showing your emotions through every move and telling a story with your eyes, and most of all having FUN! Enjoying every movement and feeling confident that you can own every part of yourself no matter what! I want my classes to always be a feel good experience for others and show them that they can do anything they set there mind too.

What advice can you give to new dancers who are worried about attending classes?
The best advice I can give to people who are worried about attending classes is that everyone, believe me, everyone feels the same, even I did! I didn’t attend classes for 4 months because I was worried about not being good enough or not being able to do the choreo. But there is truly nothing to worry about! The Army D.C. is truly like a family the moment you walk in, everyone has one another’s full support and it’s truly the most amazing experience being able to get to know everyone so quickly because we will support you and help you with anything you need! It’s all about growing and learning!

Favourite routine with THE ARMY DC so far?
My favourite routine with the army dc so far is probably Dance For You- Beyoncé, because like I said dancing is all about letting your guard down and showing your true emotions and for me the class came into my life at the perfect time and was everything I needed to let my emotions out and in a way set me free from the feelings I was feeling.

Skip to 06 seconds to see Ry killing it with his own choeographed routine! FIYAAAA!

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