I’m too scared…

I’m too scared…

Lost your confidence?

Unsure about our classes?

We are here to squish those worries that you feel are stopping you from making that leap and coming through to classes…

Here are a few of the common worries that we get before people start with us:

‘I dropped out of college, so I’m scared to get back into dance again’

Is this you?

We hear this from so many of our students who have started with us. If it’s anything along the lines of the following…

  • College made you feel like your personality was stripped away from you
  • College made you feel worthless
  • If anything it made you feel like you were a worse dancer than when you started
  • College made you feel like your not a ‘polished’ dancer so you end up doubting yourself

I can assure you, you are not on your own.

This is the EXACT reason we created THE ARMY DC in the first place! We created THE ARMY DC to remind you WHY you started to dance in the first place.. to remind you that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH, to remind you that DANCE SHOULD BE FUN and no one should be in an environment where they feel worthless and unappreciated. We do not allow bitchiness or ANYONE to feel uncomfortable in classes, and we can assure you if we ever saw ANY negativity, bullying or bitchiness in classes, the ringleader would be kicked out immediately. Positive and family vibes only around here

I don’t want to film in class…

People look at our videos and instantly FREAK out because they don’t want to film.  Filming is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL here at THE ARMY DC, and these videos are for no one else but YOU. So, stop putting yourself under sooo much pressure to be the best, just so you can post something on IG…it’s time to stop trying to impress other people, and it’s time to use these videos for you and your own personal growth, no one else. No one has to see your videos, so don’t let that be the be-all and end-all of our classes! If you don’t want to film, then DON’T. Just do what you feel comfortable doing girl.

I have never danced before…

WHO CARES! That’s exactly what our beginner’s classes are for! It doesn’t matter one bit if you haven’t ever stepped foot in a dance studio, you have to start at some point, so make

So if your feeling like your forgetting WHY you started, and you just want to dance and forget your worries for an hour or two a week, and you’re not really bothered about taking it seriously, we have those classes for you!

If you want, to be a part of a family that’s…

  • Non-judgemental
  • Supportive
  • Encouraging
  • Full of people from completely different backgrounds
  • A place you can be FREE!
  • Going to remind you WHY you love dancing

Come join our team. We got you, and you got this.

For more information on London & Reading classes, please email admin@thearmydc.com. We can’t wait to have you!


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