August Member Of The Month

August Member Of The Month

This girl is EVERYTHING & MORE.

This members improvements and growth since she started are PHENOMENAL. It’s like something has just clicked all of sudden – she’s got it all.

This member has the most amazing presence when she performs, without even trying too. She doesn’t have to pull any crazy faces to be noticed, she doesn’t have to TRY to perform…it just comes naturally to her. In fact, she doesn’t even need to move her face at all! She has completely MASTERED presence. Her eyes just say it all.

The member is such an excitable, positive, smiley bean all the time, not to mention ridiculously supportive of EVERY SINGLE THING we drop/announce. She’s almost ALWAYS first to respond and tell us how excited she is about it, and we LIVE for that positivity around us. Members like her keep us motivated to keep pushing and remind us why we absolutely LOVE what we do.

This member always books on the workshops almost straight away, she buys all the merch and she’s just SOO GENUINELY GRATEFUL for everything single thing. But, we COULDN’T BE MORE GRATEFUL & PROUD to have her in the family and to watch her improve every week.

This member has found ‘her style’ and she absolutely SLAYS it in every single class without fail. When I came back from travelling, I was like ‘WTH HAS HAPPENED TO HER’. I was blown away by her GROWTH. She had completely transformed! She really has come into her own recently and is full of confidence, personality, SASS and absolutely slays it every single time she performs. Commercial/Heels is HER THING, and she is killing it every damn week right now.

This member is engaged 100% of the time WITHOUT FAIL. No matter if we are having a discussion or just dancing. Every single thing is taken on board and absorbed. Not to mention she is one of the most committed members that we have.

Nicole- I don’t remember your first class EXACTLY, but I do remember what happened when I stepped off that plane after travelling… it’s like you just popped out of the sky with wings!! You’re great to watch, great to be around, we can’t help but say your name when you perform, you take the cameras limelight away, you SKIP through life and SMILE through training.

We cannot express how insanely PROUD we are of you these past few months. You never fail to blow us away with your growth, your our little, positive, shining star, and WE ADORE YOU!


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