Get The Training Out Of Your Head, Do It Because You LOVE It.

Get The Training Out Of Your Head, Do It Because You LOVE It.

Are you constantly putting a hell of a lot of pressure on yourself in classes? If you spend all your time doing this, you are just setting yourself up to fail. This sounds harsh, but if your constantly putting pressure on yourself 24/7, you will end up heading into class feeling like a failure before you have even stepped foot in the studio!

It’s time to strip that barrier down and come to class for the simple reason of enjoying to dance. You might be the best dancer in the world, and your technicality is on point, but what the hell is the point in doing something if your not enjoying it?

If you don’t love what you do – you will never grow…in anything!

Not just dance, but in general.

You will go through different experiences, jobs, dance colleges etc in the next couple years.. so be prepared for some of your bosses and teachers to dagger you into the ground. But the one thing that you have over all of these people is the positive ARMY DC spark and the mindset knowledge from classes. People don’t get taught this stuff in school, so you have that over EVERYONE (remember that!) So you just need to make sure that you maintain your spark at all times and do not let anyone try to morph you into someone that your not.

Wherever you end up – whether it’s college or teaching dance or just wherever you end up in life, use what you have in THE ARMY DC, to make sure you still have fun and see the positives in EVERYTHING that you decide to do.

Live for today and NOT tomorrow. It’s taken me a really long time to remember make sure you keep this stuck in your head whenever you have any doubts about anything.

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