September Member Of The Month

September Member Of The Month

This member gives us everything. Every. Single. Time.

She has been with us a while now, and she has been impressing us consistently for months and months. All of THE ARMY DC teachers have recognised her growth in every class, and every single one of us have said how much she deserves this. Not to mention she is one of the loveliest girls we know!

Every single time she comes to classes, she puts her heart and soul into all the routines. She expresses herself to the absolute FULLEST week after week, and she’s been blowing everyone away recently with her performances. When we watch her dance, we feel it too. She has the ability to make everyone silent when she is on the floor, she takes us on her journey with her. To be able to do this is pretty damn amazing.

She has such a natural expression on her face whenever she performs. She just shows us EXACTLY how the track makes her feel. Everything is so raw with this member when she dances. It is so refreshing watching her express exactly how she feels when she performs, every time. Nothing is forced with her. We have so much respect for her that she feels comfortable enough to let go and just be HERSELF every time.

This member ALWAYS wants to better herself in classes. She’s super focused all the time, I don’t think I have ever had to tell her to be quiet in class. She’s mega committed, she stays in her own head, gets on with it, and is absolutely FLYING because of this!

When this member is performing, she is almost always last on the floor. She puts so much emotion into her freestyles, and we live for it! She gives us EVERYTHING and more EVERY TIME! Theres no 50% with her, she’s 100% full out with emotion, performance and everything, every time!

This girl slaysss it in every style she does! Yes emotional and contemporary used to be her thing (and still is!), but she’s fierce AF in heels and commercial. She’s smashing it right now. Her facials and presence is absolutely EVERYTHING. You can’t keep your eyes off her! It’s mesmorising.

Cyd – You are KILLING it. You are unapologetically yourself in classes every-time. You show us your fierce side, your vulnerable side and you are not afraid to be YOU. That is exactly the reason we started our classes in the first place. We absolutely love having you in classes, you are a pleasure to have in the company. Thank you for your constant support, for letting go in classes, for being committed, for being insanely fearless, and for being YOU.

We love you to bits! Keep being you and keep slaying it girl.


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