October Member Of The Month

October Member Of The Month

We can’t get enough of this member right now, we all absolutely LOVE HIM!

The passion this member has is something else. He puts 110% in everything he does, especially showcase rehearsals right now. Honestly, he MAKES the contemporary piece in the show. He adds that passion and REALNESS to the piece and puts his heart and soul into it, you just can’t keep your eyes off him.

You’ll see what we mean…

This member is so loved at THE ARMY DC. He has really come into his own recently, he’s not afraid to show us the REAL, QUIRKY, UNIQUE TALENTED him. He’s no people pleaser, he’s no follower, he’s just HIM.

He is standing out by a CLEAR MILE & A HALF right now, and we are so flipping proud of him.

He’s WANTS to better himself and challenge himself every week. He attends every workshop without fail (even if it’s not ‘his style’) because he genuinely just LOVES being there and being around everyone, he doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks of him. This member is everyone’s best cheerleader, always supporting everyone else in the room and making sure any newbies are completely comfortable in classes.

This member is genuinely so lovely and down to earth, he has absolutely no idea how flipping great he is! He doesn’t try and shine in the room, he doesn’t HAVE to! Just being the person that he is, is MORE than enough for us. We absolutely love how comfortable he feels in our classes and he has honestly been grabbing our attention time and time again for month now! Killllin it.

Tom – You have the ability to embrace your emotions and let go in classes in the most beautiful way. Your facials and your stage presence are absolutely admirable and we LOVE watching you in every style that you do. If this is how you perform in classes, we CAN’T WAIT to see you perform on stage. You have something SO REAL and special, and you have no god damn idea how great you are.

Keep doing you. You’re great. We love you!


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