I have been to so many dance events recently with the best dancers in the UK, don’t get me wrong, they’re sick dancers, unbelievable talented


When it comes to them keeping me entertained. Am I bored? Yes.I’m flipping bored. I know you can pop, I know you have technique and foundations, but WE CAN ALL DO THAT. 

But when it comes to emotional stuff and FEELING, that’s what is going to hold people to watch you. THE whole ARMY DC cast in THE ARMY DC SHOWCASE is the same cast from start to finish. How are we going to keep people entertained throughout the entire show? Feeling. That’s how.

Every single one you guys have that.

People here really devalue themselves as dancers. I’m not even trying to get deep right now, I am just speaking the truth. The amount of people in THE ARMY DC classes who don’t believe in themselves is CRAZY.

When you go to classes in London and you see people who are ‘sick’, they have an unreal pickup, remember this:

  • No one wants to book you for jobs for being able to just do the splits. It’s great, but what else can you do? 
  • The people who will go far in the industry, are the ones who FEEL and that is exactly what we are all about.
  • Just dance to dance, feel to feel, let go to let go. 
  • Someone can be sick at dancing…in class, but what can they give to an audience on stage?
  • You can’t take your eyes off someone who feels it, because you are completely locked into their emotion, and YOU ALL HAVE THAT here at THE ARMY DC.
  • If I’m selecting people for jobs I will be like ‘woahhh I like this persons energy over there, i’m booking her.’ Not because of how many spins you can do. 


THIS IS WHY you are a part of THE ARMY DC. You come to THE ARMY DC to enjoy, to let go, to perform, you come here to take in everything. You come here to give to each other and show everyone WHO YOU ARE. 


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