Older Members Fear Filming MORE Than Newbies

Older Members Fear Filming MORE Than Newbies

You might think all the members who have been here since the beginning don’t get nervous now, they do. Maybe even more so than the newbies.

Why is that? 

Because they are putting HUGE amounts of pressure on themselves, because they have built up thoughts in their heads that people are expecting them to be amazing, they’re expecting them to not go wrong, or to freestyle for the entire track. 

Is this true? Absolutely not. 

No one is expecting anything from you. So give yourself a shake, and if you are a member of THE ARMY DC, and you hesitate before filming, have a word with yourself and REMEMBER THIS:

  • Everyone is in the same boat as you
  • If you overthink it, you will end up putting way more pressure on yourself
  • Just come to film and HAVE FUN!
  • It’s all just training! 
  • You might go wrong yes…but it DOESN’T makes you a bad person, it DOESN’T make you week, and it DOESN’T make you a bad dancer.
  • If people see you put everything in it, they will support you 10000%.

Stop overthinking, you got this.

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