December Member Of The Month

December Member Of The Month

Katy is absolutely killing the game right now.

What we love about her is, she is one of the hardest workers that we have in THE ARMY DC but doesn’t shout about it. BUT, we have been watching from a-far and she has impressed us week after week for MONTHS now.

She came to our showcase auditions a few months back, she brought POWER, PASSION, HUNGER AND RAW EMOTION with her, and she FLIPPING killed it! It was so nice for her to come through and show us and everyone else what she can do, and she hasn’t stopped killing it ever since.

What we love about Katy is that she uses her initiative in classes and showcase rehearsals 24/7. For example, if there is ever a minute in rehearsals where she isn’t needed in the piece, she will speak to one of the teachers or someone who knows part of the routine, and she will ask them what she needs to do to improve, so she understands and ensures that she does the routine correctly. She even asked Ryan to teach her part of one of his routines so she could be in that section of the piece. She uses every single spare moment she has, to ensure she doesn’t waste ANY time. The fact that she can learn a whole routine on the spot in about 20 minutes during a showcase rehearsal, is AMAZING. Her pick up is absolutely insane, and she has no idea at all how great she is.

We are so so happy that we selected Katie to be in THE ARMY DC showcase. She hasn’t let us down at all and we appreciate her and her commitment SO much. Katie has been a pleasure since she started THE ARMY DC. She is one of the loveliest members we have. She has such a warm heart and is a genuinely lovely girl. It’s a slightly stressful time of year putting on a show, and Katy went out of our way to message us personally to make sure we are ok. THAT means more to us than anything.

Katy: “I’ve just read Beckie’s message and I just wanted to reassure you both that we do all madly appreciate everything you’re both doing and all the hard work & money that’s being invested. I’m fully aware of how much goes into a production like this and it’s definitely not a stress-free process for you! I’m so grateful to you both you have no idea, if I can help with anything at all please let me know.”

Katy – You have stood out by a clear mile for the last few months. We knew exactly who we wanted to give member of the month to almost straight away. We are SO GRATEFUL for you, your commitment, your genuinely AMAZING attitude and your kind heart. One of the best things about you is that you don’t put massive amounts of pressure on yourself, and you just run with it. Our advice would be to KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING because you are growing more and more each week and we are SO PROUD OF YOU.

Keep doing you, and keep smashing girl!


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