Dance Vs Gym.

Dance Vs Gym.

Why should I dance instead of going to the gym?

It’s a new year and I can almost guarantee that somewhere on our ‘New Year, New Me’ list is to get fit and lose weight. Whether it’s to look better, feel better or just to be healthier – its something we attempt every year.

GYM. The dreaded 3 letter word, that scares the friggin life out of all of us.
There’s no other solution? YES, THERE IS, DANCE!!!!!

There are so many reasons why a lot of people prefer going to a dance class over going to the gym. Let me list a few here…

Do you ever feel put off going to the gym because you’re bored of seeing the same machines, staring at the same spot on the wall whilst running on the treadmill, The same dingy lighting, Oh yeah and the big muscly sweaty men screaming at the top of their lungs whilst the weight bar bounces on the floor… yep, I feel you. I know you would much rather be in a studio with some colourful lights, some banging music, and good vibes all round – basically in the cluuuuub but not in the club.

Sometimes it can be superrr hard to lose weight or get fit because you find no enjoyment in doing so. Dance is the opposite – you’re listening to good music, sweating your life away, meeting new people and most of all LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE!!! I promise you, you will be in your element loving every second that you’ll just forget why you signed up.

STAY MOTIVATED. Its a lot easier said than done but it’s one of the most important things you need to stay on track and to achieve your goal. Motivation comes with happiness, if you’re doing something that makes you happy and it’s good for you then you won’t even have to think about motivation because it will come naturally. Same way as when you enjoy it and you have fun, coming to class and seeing your dance fam – laughing, joking, twerking, whatever it might be – YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!

What we’re saying is, please don’t waste your time paying for a gym membership for you to go there in the first week and then never attend again. You know when you just watch the direct debit come out of your account every month because it makes you feel just a little bit better about not going? lol, trust me – you are not the only one.

ITS 2020 GUYSSSS, yes we have our resolution to lose weight and get fit but we cannot let that consume us. If your mind isn’t right, your grind isn’t right. Dance your way to your goals, make new friends in the process and most of all love yourself!!!!!!!!

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