Lost Your Passion For Dance?

Lost Your Passion For Dance?


Do you THINK you have lost your passion?

There’s a difference. Have you actually sat down and thought about WHY you have lost your passion? Or is it simply that everyone around you is manipulating you, getting in your head and making you think that dance is the reason you’re feeling this way?

If your feeling like you need to stop dancing, just STOP for a second before making any irrational decisions.

It’s actually CRAZY how people can listen to other people’s opinions so much and don’t do what they actually want to do. YOU ARE YOUR OWN PERSON REMEMBER! If you are around people who keep giving you negative opinions on dance, and they say things like ‘you’re wasting your time’, or ‘its too expensive’, or ‘what does it ACTUALLY DO for you?’ Then, of course, you’re going to start thinking negatively about it. Right?

My advice would be to distance yourself from those people asap rocky. If your partner or friends who apparently “want what’s best for you” are constantly slating your hobby, then they clearly don’t care, surely? Or maybe they’re just INSANELY jealous that you have found your thing and that it makes you happier than anything else! Who knows! What I do when people give me negativity about things that I’m doing, is scrap them from my life. I block, delete, done.

I can’t have negativity in my life, life is wayyyyy too short for any of that! 

The worst thing you can do when you THINK you have lost your passion for dance is to stop. It’s the WORST way to deal with it. You’ll just end up getting into a BAD routine of just lazing out on the sofa, eating way too much chocolate and becoming crazy unhappy.  Just hold it out and see…trust me. Everyone has bad months, it’s completely normal. We are only human remember. You just have to ride out the bad times, go with it and don’t blame it on anything. If you have a couple of bad months, you will appreciate the good months 10X MORE.

If your feeling low, I would say to write down everything going on in your life at the minute, sit for a minute (without anyone around you!) and you will probably realise it’s something which has absolutely nothing to do with dance at all.

Rule number 1 in life: Never allow anyone to get in your head and stop you doing something you LOVE.

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