January Member Of The Month

January Member Of The Month

Our first member of the month for 2020 HAS to be our Bella!

At the age of 14, this girl is SOOO sick and doesn’t realise how talented she actually is. We’ve seen her shine since her first class with us and she continues to impress us every class on a weekly basis – LETS GO BELLS!!!!

We love that this member is fearless when it comes to filming & freestyle, she’s never scared to step onto the floor and always gives every routine 1MILLION%. She is always ready to push herself outside her comfort zone, challenge herself with different styles and give it all her energy. 

This member is such a kind person and never fails to put a smile on anyones face, she is so bubbly and full of character in dance and outside of dance. You can always rely on Bella to bring good vibes and positivity – not forgetting she’s great at gassing all the other members and showing her support for EVERYONE!!!!

Bella – “Dance is also my passion and is like a second language to me to help me express my feelings” 

Bella has been absolutely smashing it since our showcase auditions, that’s when we saw her level up massively. She has been consistently smashing it and growing every week since then. Bells, we are so so proud of you and we are so excited to see you continue to grow and we are SOOO glad you are part of the company. Having you in our classes weekly and in the company as a whole is like gold dust and we are beyond excited to see what happens with you!!! WE LOVE YOU BELLA!!!!!! Xxx


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