April’s Member Of The Month

April’s Member Of The Month

This member has stood out to all of the team here at The Army DC! She has been so consistent during this time and really has been nothing but positive so…

The Member Of The Month Goes To KASSANDRA!!!

Firstly we want to say the BIGGEST thank you for sticking by us and supporting The Army DC! You really have been so positive about the whole situation. We see you joining every single online class. We see you getting involved, asking questions and most importantly supporting other members. Kassandra it really has not gone unnoticed by any of us! 

Your progression right now is crazy! We see your growth girl!!! Right now the online classes have been so many styles and you have not been afraid to give them ALL a go and showcase what you’ve got! We love it!!! Don’t think we don’t see your Tik Tok videos as well!! You make us laugh so much! 

You truly are a beautiful girl inside and out. When we watch your videos we can really see your personality. Your smile, makes us smile. You can be such a shy character but then you are so bubbly! Girl you have been SLAYINNGG the sassy routines. Your facials are EVERYTHING!!

We honestly are SO excited to see your growth back in classes. We can see how much you have learnt in this time. You have been working so hard, you are really have been an absolute gem. You aren’t letting this pandemic let you lose your love for dance one bit! To be honest it seems as if you love it EVEN MORE! We are seriously enjoying watching your videos so much!

Every teacher here at The Army DC has noticed your involvement, you are always one of the first ones to join the live, you are always making it clear that you are there! Always asking questions or letting the teachers know you understand what’s going on. Communication is key right now. We can’t thank you enough for making such an effort! 

KASSANDRA- We love you so so much! You are seriously killing it right now. Honestly never give up! You are pure fire at the moment and you can only get better! We are super proud of you! We love how supportive you are being! Some of our Reading lot may not have met you before but you are truly proving that The Army DC are one big family no matter where we are! We can’t wait to see you when this is all over! Honestly keep going, you’re doing amazing! xxx

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