June’s Member Of The Month

June’s Member Of The Month

This member has definitely stood out the last couple of weeks! She has been so consistent during this time and every teacher has noticed!

The Member Of The Month Goes to KACEY!!!!!

Firstly we want to say a massive thank you for  supporting us during these times and still believing in us!! 

Kacey, you are the first person to join the live classes EVERY TIME!! You make sure the teachers are always aware that you are there. WE SEE YOU!! And all we imagine is that big smile on your face that you always have! You have been so genuine and so lovely. You have a heart full of gold. You are always commenting and supporting the teachers. The teachers love having that motivation from you and love the energy you bring. 

Your progression this past year is AMAZING. We are looking forward to seeing you back in the studio as we know all you do is practice and practice. We can see that when you dance. You literally live and breathe dance and it is a massive pleasure to have you be apart of The Army DC!

EVERYONE loves you at The Army Dc, you are so sweet and innocent then you dance and it’s like BAMMMM!!!! ABSOLUTE FIRE. Honestly, Kacey, your videos bring us life!! Your moves have been so clean and sharp. We can see how much you are listening to the teachers advice and how much you go away and practice a certain routine. GIRL those facials too!! 

We know you have been so consistent during this time and you bring so much fire to every routine. You are ALWAYS up for a challenge, ALWAYS asking for more!

KACEY- This is SO deserved. You have seriously improved so so much!! You are such a dedicated dancer. You are someone that really wants to go far in the dance industry and you are so hungry for it! We can see that from miles away. Keep working hard as you do and we know for certain you are going to go far in dance! You are so focused when it comes to dancing and we can not wait to be back in the studio with you. We know you are coming back better than ever!!! Keep it up Kacey!!xxx

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