We have been doing this for a while now, so we know exactly what comes from our workshops. And really, is there anything better than a jam-packed 3-hour class of madness focused on not just learning and experimenting on one style the entire way through to make sure you have some HUGE take-aways from it, but having the biggest laugh, making lifelong memories, learning more about yourself as a person than anywhere else, building CONFIDENCE with people you have just met in a matter of a few hours, performing to and with the people you love? We don’t think so…

So, here are 5 things we GUARUNTEE you will take away from these workshops:

1. The opportunity to completely and truly let go…
All of our workshops allow people to be themselves. That’s what it is all about, not being afraid to tell your own story, having a personality, using the choreography as a framework for you to add your own spin, and be yourself with no pressure. We make sure you are ALL in the same zone and that you ALL leave your sh*t at the door before we even start the combo.

2. You will leave feeling on top of the world when you realise ability doesn’t matter!
The workshops aren’t about being the best in the room. They are about feeling comfortable, confident and being able to express yourself however you want to. You could be a complete beginner or an advanced dancer from college, but we don’t really care about in our classes – that’s not what our workshops are about for us. The support in the room is indescribable and is something you just might not find elsewhere (trust me we’ve been around and experienced a-lot as a company including our dancers). If you don’t leave the room feeling 10x happier and more alive than when you first came in, we haven’t done our job right. Don’t ever put pressure on yourself because you don’t ‘get it’ straight away – our workshops aren’t about that!

3. A safe space. Age is just a number!
If your 11 or 111, of course you’re still welcome and don’t let anyone tell you different! Get those sass shoes on and come vibe with us. We promise you, everyone is equal as soon as they step foot in the room. We make sure of it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being the youngest or the oldest dancer. It doesn’t matter. And the best part is, you will have absolutely no idea! You’re in your own free space with new people and a new atmosphere – it’s time for you to let your guard down and just embrace being YOU. There is absolutely no age limit!

4. Friends for life…
You will walk away from these workshops with friends for life, we can guarantee that. Everyone comes to the workshops with at least one thing in common, the passion to dance. Trust me when I tell you that in workshops, everyone gets to know each other more than ever and you will make 30+ new friends after coming to our workshop, trust me! (Just you wait till you come to our ARMY DC night outs, they are an absolute madness!)

5. Confidence will skyrocket! 
Ok ok ok, you will leave feeling like an absolute queen/king. Our members are the biggest hypemen… you’ll see. Just ask one of our mad dancers at The Army DC, because of our culture, they’re all exactly the same! The hype we give eachother, the support we show, the love we feel is unheard of until you feel it in our workshops. Your confidence WILL be through the roof and you will feel so ready for anything that life throws at you. People always say they feel like they’ve had a 3-hour therapy session after our workshops. But I guess it’s true, my goal is to make sure that you leave feeling ready to kill life. We’ve got you!

Check out the video from our last workshop here: BECKIE X DLONZE AFRO WORKSHOP

If you come to our workshops, whether you live locally or you don’t… we know you will feel this way once you have left. So get your best selves down there and come party with us! We can’t wait to meet you all <3

Our next workshop is with the one and only Johnny. With 2.1 MILLION likes on Tik Tok he is the creator of viral trends.

MARCH 26TH 2023: 1-4PM | JMA (Reading)

Price: £15 members (use the code ‘ADCMEMBER’) / £20 non-members


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