I can’t believe I am writing this but my time at THE ARMY DC has come to an end…
And OH MY GOSH what a journey is has been! I have never worked for a company that is full of such warm hearted, caring, amazing people and I can’t forget to mention… TALENTED!! You guys blow me away every week and watching you grow during my time here has just been incredible to see. I HAVE HONESTLY BEEN IN AWE!
If I had to pick a few highlights of my ADC journey, it would definitely be the January show. As stressful and crazy it was at times, watching it all come together on the night was a feeling I can’t explain… but I just remember how proud I felt and still feel to this day. And best believe I will be at the next show, so save me a seat 😉 
Of course, I can’t forget to mention the London dancers. Every Wednesday me and Beckie would venture into London, come rain or shine and teach our London dancers. You guys made the long journey every week so worth it for me and it will definitely feel strange not spending my Wednesday nights with you lot!
I have to also mention you Reading dancers, I didn’t get the chance to watch your classes as much but over the last few months I was lucky enough to get to know some of you and I can say nothing but amazing stuff about you all. Whether I met you when I joined or through the phone when I have signed you up, it has been an absolute pleasure.
In fact, I can only sing everyone’s praises, from the moment I joined, I felt so welcomed and you were all so patient with me at the beginning whilst I was getting to grips with everything. Parents, I also have to thank you! It’s been great having our occasional chit chats (which I have loved haha) and your kids are really SO SPECIAL! 
I also can’t go without thanking the team… you guys have been everything and MORE and have so so much love for you all, it’s not often you get to work with people who care like you guys do!! 
Over my time here, I have laughed until i’ve cried, learnt so many news things, met all you incredible people, had some incredible experiences, learnt all these technical terms like musicality, levels and layering 😉 and had so much fun whilst doing it.
The last thing I want to say is NEVER STOP DANCING and NEVER STOP BELIEVING… and I hope our paths cross again one day <3
I wish you ALL the best and I cannot wait to see where you guys take THE ARMY DC!
Anya x

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