Every month we pick out one dancer who we feel has gone above and beyond.

This months member of the month is…


This superstar attends every class and never missed a week. She is part of our pro team and is a beautifully versatile dancer showing us her groves in hip hop, her sauce in Afro, her gracefulness in contemporary and her sassy performance skill in commercial!

Danni never fails to light up every room with her infectious smile and supportive attitude. She comes ready for every class and is attentive and kind to both teachers and students. She makes everyone feel welcome and is quick to make newbies feel welcome. She is always willing to help out (most of the time without even knowing what she has signed herself up for)! You may have seen her in a few of our online tutorials.

We can’t wait to see you grow as both a dancer and a person. No one deserves this more than you. Keep lighting up the room!

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