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Class Timetable

Monday (Vibez, Woodley)

RNB Stretch

7:45 – 8:45PM

Heels (18+)

8:45 – 9:45PM

Tuesday (JMA, Reading)

Hip Hop & Afro

6:45 – 7:45PM

Contemporary & Commercial

7:45 – 8:45PM

Pro Team

8:45 – 9:45PM

Wednesday (Gymbox Victoria, London)

Choreography (London)

7:45 – 9:15 PM

Thursday (Vibez, Woodley)

Hip Hop Foundations (Hybrid Underground Styles)

6:45 – 7:45PM

Competition Team

7:45 – 8:45PM

Beginner Chroeography (18+)

8:45 – 9:45PM

Classes run on a membership pay-monthly basis for weekly classes. Payment is taken on the 1st of every month. Members are on a first come first serve basis, whereby if there are no spaces in your selected class, you will be placed on a waiting list until further notice. We offer class trials for £15 and 10 class passes to book into any classes of your choosing within 3 months. As soon as you’ve signed up, you’re in and are welcome to take class straight away. So welcome to #THEARMYDC family!

What Are You Here For?

Tier 1: Classes

Do you want to do dancing for no other reason than for fun and for a hobby? We got you! We have loads of classes available, that are GREAT for fitness, but also make you feel amazing, confident, powerful and fearless all at the same time. You don’t have to come to class for anything other than this. There is no pressure at all. If you haven’t danced before, it doesn’t matter in the slightest!

Tier 2: Filming

If you are coming to a class to see improvement, we are heree for that! We film all of our routines every 2/3 weeks. You always have the opportunity to push yourself, step our of your comfort zone and film! Whether you want to film for personal growth or post a lil vid on your IG, we got you!

Tier 3: Invite Only Training / Competition Team

Are you at college or do you want to go into dancing as a career? That’s where invite only comes in. We have a package for those who want to be pushed to their limits, which includes an intense extra class which is much more personal, and HARD training. Pro team and competition team train for performance opportunities, competitions, create concept videos and more. 

Tier 4: The Army DC Showcase Cast

THE ARMY DC SHOWCASE will be a selected cast of 30/40 people and will be held once every year. This will include extra rehearsals in preparation for the showcase, so if you are ready to commit and put in even more work, this is an option for you! We will be keeping an eye on members and looking for showcase cast all year round, so if you want to be considered, we would suggest that you do as many classes as you can.

Tier 5: The Army DC Agency

Some of the biggest upcoming artists around the UK message us on instagram wanting dancers for music videos etc, so we have created THE ARMY DC agency. Giving our dancers a platform and opportunities to have a career in dance and to be paid for there hard work. So if you want a career in dancing, and you want to be recognised, we have the contacts available to make it possible!



Vibez Dance Studio, First Floor 81 Crockhamwell Road, Woodley, Reading RG5 3JP

Getting to Vibez Dance Studio:

  • Train from Central Reading to Earley, Woodley.
  • Trains run approximately every half an hour
  • The train takes 5 minutes to get from Reading to Earley
  • 8 minute taxi drive from Earley Station to Vibez Dance studio.
  • Train from Central Reading to Winnersh Triangle.
  • Trains run approximately every half an hour
  • The train takes 7 minutes to get from Reading to Winnersh Triangle
  • 8 minute taxi drive from Winnersh Triangle to Vibez Dance Studio.

To look at other train routes and to plan your journey, please click here:

Reading Classes :

  • Buses run from Reading to Woodley every 15 minutes
  • Reading bus stop: ‘Blagrave Street’ (approximately a 5-minute walk from the station)
  • Woodley bus stop to get off at: ‘Chequers, Headley road’
  • Both buses take approximately 20/30 minutes to get from Reading to Woodley
  • Walk from the bus stop to Iceland (approximately 4-minute walk from the bus stop)
  • Walk down the alley way by the side of Iceland and walk up the stairs to the studio!

To look at other bus routes and to plan your journey, please click here:


John Madejski Academy Sixth Form Dance Studio, 125 Hartland Rd, Reading RG2 8AF

Getting to John Madejski Sixth Form Dance Studio:

  • Free car park available
  • From the train station in Central Reading by Bus (20 mins)
  • Bus runs every 12 minutes

To look at other train routes and to plan your journey, please click here:
John Madejski Academy Location


Victoria Gymbox, 123 Victoria St, London SW1P 6DE

Getting to Gymbox Victoria:


Vcitoria station accessible via Circle & District and Victoria lines.
To look at other tube routes and to plan your journey, please click here:

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