Purpose: A class dedicated to you dancers in London! Styles will alternate week by week so you can become more a versatile dancer and try new styles you maybe wouldn’t usually try. Get your sass-game on with commercial choreography, learn new moves with afro and turn your hip hop on with us. Build your confidence week by week whilst still expressing your true self unapologetically!

About This Class: Learning new styles every week, work on your fitness whilst dancing with like minded people. This class will leave you feeling inspired and add a little excitement to your hump day and get you through the rest of your week. It’s time to bring out your inner DANCER!

Class Hours

Wednesday: 21:00 – 22:00

Class Details

Ability: All
Price: £45 per month (HUGE discounts when taking more than one class)
Location: 123 Victoria St, London, SW1P 6DE

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