For those of you who know me, know I’ve alwayssss had a passion for dance. Trust me, those that see me out on a Saturday night… you know the deal… hah! You’ll always catch me prancing about constantly for hours until close and I feel like I’ve done a full body work out once I’m home! GREAT CARDIO.
Some people find exercise boringggg, and struggle to motivate themselves to go to the gym and guess what, the knock-on-effect dictates the naughty food choices because they think ‘Screw it, whats the point…’ so they avoid doing it. Am I right?
It might seem obvious but it’s this little devil-trail that leads us to feeling unhappy and stressfully demotivated, and to be honest, if you are one of those people – I don’t blame you.
Dance is different. When dancing, you are so busy concentrating on the choreography, you forget that you are actually exercising, which is the best part! You’re so busy focussing on the emotion and facial expressions the teacher keeps going on about, focussing on making it look more fluid, sharper, cleaner etc. the last thing you’re worried about is the calories! Dancing has so many benefits to your physical health and the best thing is, you wouldn’t even know it, and with me being a personal trainer and dance teacher, in classes I always incorporate fitness as well as just teaching the choreography.

So, here is a list of some benefits dance gives you as a form of exercise:
  1.  Makes you stronger: Yes you won’t be lifting weights in dance, but with the routines, you are using your own body weight, this burns fat much faster!
  2.  Helps with balance and coordination: Learning routines require the use of more than one body part at a time,  which will help to improve your coordination and balance.
  3. Cardio: Dancing full out for an hour or more is a helll of a lot of cardio and will make you sweat, it’s much more fun than staying in one place on a running machine bored out of your mind for an hour!
  4. Improves flexibility: At the start and end of my classes, I always make sure I do a flexibility based warm up and cool down (perks of being a personal trainer, I know all the best flexibility stretches!) and doing this weekly will improve your flexibility and will reduce your chances of injury. You’ll be flat in the splits before you know it guys and girls!
  5. Improves posture: Dancing helps to improve your core, and I focus on this alottt in class, it is so important to have a strong core, and will automatically make your moves look cleaner and more controlled. Once you have a stronger core, this will help with general posture and will also reduce injuries such as a bad back! ZIP IT UP!!

The list of benefits is as long 2 legs and an arm. I could put down so many more points but the list would go on and on. but it’s simple really, the more you go full out and put 100% in class, the physical benefits will start to show quicker and your overall fitness will improve.. you got this!

Our best class for improving your health is our RNB Stretch class on Mondays focusing on flexibility, strength and mindfulness to get you moving on a Monday. To find out more about the The Army DC click here!

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