Have you ever realised the hardest part of dance is the thinking side not the doing side? Do you blame other factors for not progressing? Do you rely on your dance teacher rather than yourself to do the hard graft and secretly expect them to feed you with magic potions?
Let’s be honest, we can all be a little lazy sometimes. So, I’m going to hit some home truths…
Not just in dance, but in life, WE need to think sometimes and not just do as told. This is how we grow the most. You know in school where the teachers would ask you to ‘research’ – WE ALL HATED THAT PART! But that’s where the top students stood out, because the long jobs aren’t the most fun or satisfying. But did those people excel way past everyone else? Of course.
We need to use our initiative and remember that I can give you all the direction, all the tools, all the choreogrphy, but if you don’t put the work in on the inside, your progress stops when I do. I want the best for you guys, I really do and there is a huge difference between a good dancer and a SMART dancer.

So, really think about the advice i’m giving you here.. you will thank my straight-to-the-point way of life eventually guys! I just try and help you what the rest of the world doesn’t…

  • Be honest with others AND more importantly YOURSELF

When I ask you help each other in class on what others around you need to improve on, 99% of the time they respond ‘I dunno, I thought it was really good’ – I mean right, thats not going to help anyone is it?! The realest people are the ones who will help you in life the most and truly care about you. So let’s get real and just simply BE HONEST. When someone is performing, focus on a specific part of the dance that they can change. Go into detail! Without even realising, you will apply the advice you have given to your own performance. So by vocalising and helping others, you’re massively improving your own performance too.

  • Face each other

If you can stay in your own lane when facing someone, then you won’t be phased when there is a camera in front of you or any other distractions for the matter! You HAVE to understand what your body is doing without relying on looking at yourself all the time. Shut your eyes, and learn to move without the luxury of mirrors.

  • Say sounds not lyrics in your head

When the track start, literally pick it apart. De-layer it into sounds, beats, melody etc. Start thinking about the background noises of the track when you are dancing (these are my fave sounds to dance to), say the music sounds in your head and this will help you hit each and every beat clean and calmly because you’ve studied the music on the sly! **Be a SMART dancer blog is also up!**

  • GET OUT of the ‘safe zone’

When you’re watching yourself in the mirror, ARE YOU pushing yourself to add in all the elements that I have taught you (dynamics, flexibility, light & shade etc)? OR, ARE YOU staying in the safe zone of the framework of choreography that I give you firsthand to avoid embarrassment in case you ‘go wrong’? I see this alllll the time. Please, please have the confidence and my blessing to make the routine your own and add your own flavour and individuality to it. Personality is huge for me. Huge. We don’t judge at The Army DC. It’s a little different to most places, but where you might feel restricted elsewhere, please throw that limited mindset out the window when you’re here. You’re here to enjoy yourself and improve, right? Don’t restrict yourself because you are worried about other people’s opinions. You HAVE to remember this is YOUR TIME to train and experiment with your movement, no one else’s.

  • Go full out EVERY TIME! 

This goes back to laziness. When we run through the dance, go full out EVERY time. Not only will this improve your fitness, but you will look and feel muchhh cleaner when you perform in front of the camera, allowing your extra textures to come through will full control as your body isn’t tired and you have drilled it over and over. PLUS you will be able to execute each movement from start to finish rather than slacking halfway through! It’s a win-win!


Take a quick minute to think about your story before even learning the choreography. Yes, you might be able to hit every single move and be an amazing dancer, but if you have a straight face and no story to tell, then who’s going to want to watch you? Get the story in your head first and think about how the track and movement makes you FEEL!
Everyone tells me they want to improve quicker and quicker but they are constantly waiting for me to tell them that quick fix. Reality check – there isn’t one! All of these tips will help you get to where you want to be quicker, but practice, patience and persistence is key! So focus and remember to THINK! Let me know how you get on! Go smash it!

Of course, doors are open for you and the fact you’ve read this all the way to the end really shows how much you want this. So if you want to push yourself and put this into practice join us THIS SUNDAY in our Bollywood/Commercial Fusion Workshop by clicking here: https://goteamup.com/p/7021168-the-army-dance-company/courses/89632/


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