June Member Of The Month
This member has been in the company for about a year now…and the growth is CRAZY.
Hats off to one of the most fearless members that we have in the company. He isn’t afraid to express himself in classes, he doesn’t pretend to be someone he’s not, and he doesn’t give a sh*t what anyone thinks of him and we love it! The small things in life just MATTER to this person, and nothing is ever too much…
This member’s breakthrough was a couple of months ago,
when he finally built up the courage to freestyle during Usher ‘burn’ RnB class. From that day on to see someone believe in themselves as much as they do, understand that you really are FREE at THE ARMY DC, and to dance as amazing as he did,  ON HIS OWN during filming basically to the entire song is all we could ever ask – consistent growth. That takes so much strength and courage. It really was his moment.
Here at THE ARMY DC, energy is everything, and if it wasn’t for this boy right here, we wouldn’t be the full puzzle we are today. Every single time I see him, he gets better and better inside and out. He is always performing in classes, even when he is learning the choreography before filming. He’s ALWAYS focusing on facials, performances etc. We SMILE ear to ear when we see you do well, and one word for you Mr, is ‘happiness’. Your happiness brings us happiness, along with your positivity, your fearlessness and your constant willingness to improve and put your all into EVERYTHING is so refreshing. YOU KEEP LIVING YOUR LIFE AND WE’LL JUST KEEP LIVING IT WITH YOU!
One of our favourite moments as a company, is the day he started wearing heels to classes, and WE LIVE FOR IT! When we didn’t think your sass levels could go up any higher, boy, your sass and performance is everything in our heels classes especially.
Harry – You are amazing. We have been watching you for months and your growth every week is absolutely mind-blowing. You have completely blossomed in classes and we have loved getting to know you. Your presence is infectious and we love having you as part of the family and we cannot wait to see you grow even more.
Harry- “just wanted to tell you I absolutely LOVED last night! It just gets better and better and I was still buzzing afterwards!”
^^ This just sums you up! Always thanking us for classes and thinking of everyone else. We appreciate you so much. We love you LOADS Harry! Keep doing you..
JUNE MEMBER OF THE MONTH – Harrison Matthews

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