This month’s member of the month is… Frankie Cole

Frankie’s growth over the last few months has skyrocketed and we know why.

In the past, Frankie would hide in the back and didn’t believe in herself. Now, she is picked for everything and is always at the front and getting praise. She started working HARD and believing in herself. She is the prime example of hard work never lies, morals will never get old and no one can take your personality away from you.

Her face and performance have leveled up so much. Every show rehearsal and class she comes ready and prepared – and trust me it shows. She arrives early to every class and rehearsal and is ready to apply herself. She stays quiet but focused and listens to the small details which makes her stand out. In pro-team she brings her energy and goes full out every time. She comes to all our classes and has even recently started contemporary. She’s a natural dancer and her musicality shines through in her freestyles.

Well done Frankie.

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