Beckie Hughes

Founder & Director, Choreographer & Dancer

Hey girl! Thanks for visiting! Let me introduce myself so you actually know who you’re talking to…

My name is Beckie, I’m a personal trainer, body transformation & lifestyle coach, dancer, teacher and owner of The Army Dance Co. (I know that sounds like a lot… most think I’m mad – I don’t blame you, maybe I just love dance and fitness a bit too much… hah).

Let’s just say the journey to get here taught me a lot – enough to want to help others who might be in the same boat…

So – in school I was an international athlete (martial arts, gymnastics, cheerleading, dance) all through my childhood. Yes, I was that crazy child who always wanted to do EVERY sport under the sun… my poor parents! (and yes I am still like this lol)… until my whole career was taken away from me due to major injuries and operations for over 4 years. If becoming ‘PRO’ myself wasn’t an option for me, a career which allowed me to help others was. So personal training is where this started all those years ago before all of the other madness!

I then competed on the UKBFF bikini stage to give myself that sense of performing again, which actually just lead to me having a terrible relationship with food WHILST having severe IBS, and a constant battle with my own mind-set… I know this isn’t what we all wanted to hear, and it’s not what you may have expected from me as an outsider but I’m ALL about being open and honest, but my road to the stage was the best and worst lesson in my career – this is where the mindset coaching came from.

It taught me to love myself positively and not take no for an answer, and I still to this day can’t believe how much I underestimated that making time to do something I LOVE for ME was a huge part of my health and happiness, before nutrition and training even comes into play, hence my love for dance leading me to create my incredible dance family – The Army DC. Who said I would never dance again?!… Let alone ‘PRO’.

But whilst the journey has all been a bit crazy, it’s made the healthiest, happiest and most confident I have ever been in my life and pushed me to help people like you to do the same.

It’s THIS ^ entire journey that is the fuel to my fire and is my big ‘WHY’ behind the whole VIP Membership area that I have personally created for you and anyone else out there suffering from the same thing (trust me, you’re not alone!).

I have a huge passion in helping people see and exceed their full potential. I’m a huge advocate in women supporting other women, dancers supporting other dancers, people supporting people! I love taking risks, I can’t say no to a challenge, travelling is what I do when I’m not prancing around 24/7, oh and food is life!

So all I can say is… You can have the best training and nutrition advise in the world but you’re never gunna stick to it unless your mindset is right first. Just like you can have the best dance teacher in the world but you’re never going to reach your full potential until you mentally allow yourself to let go first… no really, it’s true. If you’ve made it this far to the end of my waffle, thank you for reading and I’ll see you on the other side to join my journey! Beckie x