Ryan Gibson


I’m an 18-year-old Dancer from Berkshire, currently studying at sixth form and training through The Army Dance Company, in commercial and hip-hop. I have been performing from a young age through musical theatre, and have a love and passion for the industry for many years, working hard for every opportunity I have been given. When not performing or training, I work on my photography and editing for my Instagram. I am very much a fashion-forward person and stay true to every part of myself, always striving to be the most authentic version I can be. Dance to me is a way of expressing your true colours and telling your own story through movement and emotions.


Height: 174cm
Waist: 28 Inches
Hips: 31 Inches
Chest: 33 Inches
Shoe size: 7.5 UK


Gender: Male
Hair colour: Blonde/ Brown
Eye colour: Green


Commercial, Heels, Whacking, Freestyle, Acting

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