It’s more simple than you would think …
YES! It’s that easy guys! Let’s explain why?
When you come to any Army DC class we care about the vibe and having fun but also want to see all of you grow and challenge yourself. We know you like to spend time with your friends and when we are vibing in and between classes, of course spend some time with your friends. But at the end of the day gang, you are paying for class so you might as well get the most out of it!
When we are learning choreography and training. TRAIN! Do not spend time talking or commentating, it hinders your’s and everyone else’s progress.
This year especially we have leveled up with our choreo, pick up and technique. We want you all to get the most out of classes. WE are doing that for YOU. So when you come to dance, enter the room with positivity and drop everything else that is going on in your life. The Army DC is the safe zone where you can escape everything else. This is one of our main things we focus on so you can leave on a high and go kill it in all aspects of life. We always say we want you to gain something from every class and leave happier and less stressed than when you came in! It’s time for you to want that for yourself and everyone else in the room. 2020 can be our year! It’s only been a few months and the growth has been insane but we know you guys can do better so let’s get it, team! ARMY DC!
In class, we all come together to grow and support each other to learn to take that time to work on yourself when you’re given the time and take the time to support everyone else. When we are learning that is your time for yourself and work on your growth and improve every time. When it comes time to filming routines, we all support whoever is on the floor it’s not about you no matter what. It is their time. Everyone should be everyone else’s biggest cheerleader. Think how good it feels when everyone else is supporting you. So give that back to them!
Also IF you see someone on the wrong leg…tell them. IF you see someone struggling in class…help them. We are all there to lift each other up not see each other struggle! We can all grow and improve together! In class, Us teachers give you time to work on yourself! Really focus and give yourself 100%. That is the culture The Army Dc was built on! Look how fast people grow here because of that! The FOCUS, GROWTH, SUPPORT AND VIBE!!

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