Can you really be the best dancer YOU can be without fitness? Without fitness there is no fuel and without fuel there is no fire. Fitness is VITAL when it comes to dance. You’re talking to someone who has 12 years+ Personal Training experience. So, I’ve got your back and I’m here to help!

Here are some reason’s WHY improving your fitness will change everything…
Without fitness there is no performance: That’s what we are ALL about here at THE ARMY DC. Performance is everything! Facials, sass, flavour, you name it. If you are doing a super energetic routine and you are knackered, you won’t be able to reach your full potential with your performance. We want that full control in your routine, instead of thinking about dying at the end of it!

You will struggle to make it to the end: And I hate to say this… but it shows. If your fitness is not on point, how will you make it to the end of the choreography, performing it full out with maximum movement quality? Not only that, wouldn’t you love to just be able to ENJOY every moment you’re dancing without worrying about how out of breathe you are? You’ll start slacking half way through and it can be really noticeable that you are tired. Just try your best to go full out each time you practice, keep on hitting each movement, textures, levels until the very veryyy end… if you don’t fancy the gym just yet, DO THIS and CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Yes this might be hard at first, but going full out will really help improve your fitness!

You will be to knackered to freestyle: Everyone loves a bit of vibing at the end of the routine. Freestyling is a way to express yourself and show your character by telling YOUR story. So, keeping your fitness up means you will be ready to stay on the dance floor and freestyle your life away! That way you will be able to make the absolute most out of your training. Experimenting and free styling with different tracks is keyyy. Better fitness, more time to slay it during freestyle with all that extra energy!

No textures: If you don’t have good fitness. If you’re lacking fitness, you might struggle to add textures and dynamics to your dance. Your movements will be sloppy, samey and not as sharp as they could be and you’ll struggle to find the energy to add your own flavour, and let’s face it, flavour is everythinggg! If you improve your fitness, you will find it MUCH easier to add textures, levels, pauses and isolations without feeling like you’re in pain or feeling like something is about to break! We all know what that feels like!
I will run routines again and again so naturally your fitness is going to improve after a while. BUT.. if you wan’t a head start, focus on improving your fitness outside the studio. Yes training and working-out is not the most exciting thing in the world, but trust me when I tell you it will improve your dancing MASSIVELY – it’s no joke! So get ahead of the game and you will be ready to go full out again and again and put 100% in to your performance, adding flavour, textures, the lot 😉

As a HUGE benefit for becoming a member with us, we offer all our members two FREE fitness classes a week. That means you can ditch your gym membership and join dance classes instead. To book a class of your choice go to: www.thearmydc.com/classes

Trust me… our MOVE IT cast know how important fitness is. We offer so many opportunities to our members… click here to see them all (you just have to work on your fitness first).

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