You wouldn’t believe the number of people that can only do something if their friends are doing it with them…look I get it, new things are scary, yes, but you have to bite the bullet and do things on your own sometimes!! I LOVE doing this on my own. 99.9% of the time, I have the most fun when I have days to myself.
Why would you not do something for you because of someone else’s decision??! I ALWAYS advise any new members to join our classes on their own. You have no idea how much more you will get from coming along to a dance class, completely on your own and not knowing anyone!
Want to know why? Check out some reasons below:

  • You won’t be held back
    If you are on your own, you won’t be distracted by someone chatting to you about what happened at work or school, and you’ll make the most of the class instead of nattering about unnecessary external stresses. Not only will you struggle to pay attention, but you’ll end up losing concentration in classes, so you won’t make the most out of that hour. You’ll leave feeling deflated knowing you could have done way more! Let’s just avoid that haha.
  • Meet new people
    You’ll restrict yourself from meeting new people if you come with a friend. If you’re on your own, you’re way more likely to throw yourself in the deep end much quicker than if someone is there holding you back
  • Less pressure
    When you start a new hobby with someone, naturally, you will compare yourself to them. For example, if they smash a routine and your struggling with it, you’re more likely to get down about it rather than if you have no one to compare yourself with.
  • Your confidence will skyrocket
    You will grow 10X faster if you start on your own. Not just in dancing, but within yourself. There is nothing more fearless than doing something on your OWN.
  • You have 30+ people who are all BEHIND you!
    We are YOUR FANS! We want you to do well, we want you to kill it. Whether you come with 20 friends or completely on your own, we got you either way gurrrl. Even more so if you come to class on your own and if you know absolutely no one…how inspiring is that?!
  • THE ARMY DC bubble
    People come to classes, and they feel comfortable enough to let go and just be themselves. They feel safe, secure & instantly at home. We will become your second family who you can go to about anything. THE ARMY DC bubble is like no other. We got you.

The best dancers in the company always start on there own. Please don’t stop yourself doing anything you want to do. Be confident, keep your head up, and just know that you will not regret taking that leap.

We have our incredible CEO & founder Beckie teaching our advanced classes for the next 3 weeks and these are not to be missed. Check out our timetable and book on here: https://thearmydc.com/classes/

You’ve got this and we will be there to support ALL the way.

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