Doing anything that you’re not good at is never a bad thing. If you never challenge yourself then you’ll end up creating patterns and we all know how hard patterns are to break. Telling yourself you can’t do something before you tried is ludicrous.
Don’t forget, there was once a point where you took the plunge and signed up to The Army DC. You walked into that studio not knowing what to expect. I’m sure you were nervous, slightly anxious and at some points probably considered not even turning up to the class at all because your mind got the better of you. But here you are… you’re now a member, and you did it! YOU challenged yourself to do something out of YOUR ordinary and it worked out… so why does trying a new style seem so daunting?
A lot of the time we worry too much about what others may think but challenging yourself at a new style isn’t to benefit others… well it could be as a fellow dancer may see you try it and then be encouraged to try it for themselves. But that aside, throwing yourself in and trying a new style is SO SO important for YOU and let me tell you why…
Firstly, it’s important to stay active, the more styles you do, the more body parts and muscles you’re working on! This will help to build your fitness which can have a MASSIVE improvement on your mental strength as well as your mindset. On top of that, it will help you to develop your flexibility which will give you more movement and control.
Secondly, it will allow you to become more versatile! Versatility in the dance world is VERY important. If you are going to a casting or an audition and they want you to freestyle, they will expect to see a range of styles/dances. The more you know, the more impressed they will be. Same as if we shout a style at you In class, do you know what to do? Are you confident enough to make it up and let the music take over?
Thirdly, by dancing new styles, you will learn new ways that your body can move in but you will also be able to see how much you can PUSH your body to do things you didn’t believe it could do. Not to mention, the more styles you can do, the more you can show off on the dance floor when you’re out at social settings 😉 haha
Dancing in several different styles will also help with reading and listening to music. The more you are exposed to, the better you’ll become and hearing the different beats and your dancing will start to flow better and you’ll become more of a confident dancer.
All these techniques and benefits I have mentioned above are all things I talk about during classes allllll the time. In fact, you’re probably sick of me repeating them haha but they can do you the world of good, in more ways than one
So get learning, try new styles, push yourself out of your comfort and watch how much you’ll grow as a dancer but also as a person!

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