Heels is not the hoe show… seriously. I say this to all of my dancers.

Heels is a style of dance to unlock your most vulnerable and softest part of yourself and unapologetically own it on the floor. It is a safe space to have fun and feel good and to express yourself.

Now I want to challenge you… next time you train heels, do it with the lights on. If you can do heels in a bright room, you aren’t afraid to be vulnerable, put yourself out there, and face those insecurities to make you a stronger, more confident person. If you can ONLY dance in a dark room with the lights off, that’s not confidence, that’s just hiding your insecurities and pretending to be confident. Putting on a fancy outfit and turning the lights off makes some people ‘dance better’. That’s because they are relying on the external. Doing the same choreo in bright light proves you are confident and dancing FOR YOURSELF. And that’s not to say never train with the lights off but…

If I watch a dancer dance mad sexy and beautifully in bright lights, I celebrate it, and I praise it because I’m like, wow… you can do that without alcohol, without flashy lights, without whoever you want watching you there. You don’t have to post it for your ex so he can see your dancing. That’s all great, and we all have those external factors, but what happens when that’s not there? Who are you at the core?

If you can watch yourself back and say, ‘Wow, I had the best time. I’m actually so confident, and I love what I’m looking at.’ Then all the things that I don’t like about myself I get to start liking them because I can actually see me. Not a fake version of me.

I want you to celebrate doing heels in bright lights. It’s a vulnerable style, and it can be scary at times, but if you can do that in the bright lights, then you can go away in any setting and do you. Because, by the way, there are bells and whistles everywhere – you sit in Costa and hear Christmas music because they want you to buy their Gingerbread Latte. If you can do heels in the bright lights in your tracksuit, I know that you are enjoying it and feel powerful, so you are it from the inside, not just from the outside.

I want you to be able to see yourself in the mirror and be like – I’m great.

So next time you do heels, I want you to walk in and train with the lights on, exactly as you are, being you. Don’t be anything else but you.

Just to prove a point we are offering a £1 heels membership for new joiners in January so you can see why you should train heels with the lights on. That’s 20p a class to find that self love and try something new. Use the code ‘JANUARYHEELS’ on our open 16+ heels class that runs weekly in Reading from 9-10pm: SIGN UP HERE

If you still don’t believe us… check out this video and watch these confident ladies work the floor in the bright lights.

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